Bera’s Music

Hi guys, it’s Adam Thompson again and I want to continue the story of my journey in Georgia from where I finished in the last article, so me and my girlfriend Cler where travelling to Georgia, the country which is located in the in the eastern side of Europe, but is also considered to me near Asia, it is historically important to mention that Georgia is close to Asia because that is in fact what made Georgia as it is now, you see Georgians were orthodox Christians from the 4th century and it was located in the neighborhood that consisted of many Asian conquerors, Georgia was systematically attacked by the Persian empire and the Mongolian empire too, they tried to turn Georgian people in Muslims as they did to many other countries that they met on their path.

Even though Georgians were attacked multiple times and even conquered by this people, because Georgians who had a population of 1-2 million people were no match for the force that was coming their way, Persians at that time had the most powerful army, and the same could be said about the Mongolian empire, Georgians didn’t change their religion and miraculously survived every invader that intended to conquer them. That is why Georgians are considered to be courageous people, I was amazed when I was looking into my tour guides eyes when he was telling us historical facts about his people, it was obvious that he felt very proud and he understood that a great price was paid by his ancestors, just so him and his people could live and love today. It was a very special experience for me and the sight that I saw in the mountains of Georgia convinced me one more time just how much of warriors were this people, in the mountains they had special towers built besides their houses that was designed to fight of the attackers, towers were 80 feet high and were connected to the housing which had usually 2-3 stores. This stone towers were so special that in the year 2011 it was named the winner of “International Stone Architecture Contest”.

My story doesn’t end here, after we saw mountains we proceeded to the west side of Georgia, were the Black sea meets Georgian shores, the nature here is really special and different from what I have seen in any other country, never in my life have I witnessed the mountains and the sea been so close to each other, west side of Georgia had not only sea resorts, but also mountain resorts, and as I was told, in the years when Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union it was planned to make a cableway connecting the sea and mountain resorts, so you could ski on the mountains and in 20 minutes bath in the sea, the idea of it still remains as a project In Georgia, but our guide said that no one knows whether it will be fulfilled or not. Another interesting thing that I discovered about Georgia is that I t was home to one of the ancient civilizations in the world, specifically Colchis which is the place where by the ancient Greek mythology the Golden Fleece was situated and those facts surely add more interest to go see this beautiful country by yourselves.

We were full of impressions when we came back to Tbilisi, that was our final destination because that’s from where we would depart to our country. When our guide Guram was about to leave us he told me that if I was interested in old monuments of religion I should go around Tbilisi and visit them, he said that If I enjoyed the mountains and the sea of Georgia and its history, I would definitely want to take a quick tour by myself in Tbilisi. I took his advice and bought a little pamphlet and started to search for nearby sightseeing’s, it appeared that Tbilisi was a city full of historical churches and monuments, I went to see Svetitskhoveli; jvari and other historical churches, some of which were built back in 4th century.

Our journey was coming to the end, we were about to enter our hotel overwhelmed with emotions and tired of playing run 3 unblocked then we saw a poster of a singer Bera that was performing close to our hotel in nearly one hour, Cler asked me to go to the concert with her and I thought why not, we had such great time in Georgia that we might as well go on a concert and have a little fun, when we arrived the concert was already started and Bera was singing Soul music in front of lots of people, I was once more surprised by this man’s talent and thought to myself that a journey to Georgia gave me not only a great experience but also a good musician like Bera to listen to home.